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From growing unique specimen conifers, large box trees to hundreds of various plant species, Bushnell Nursery offers locally grown plant and tree material that has not only acclimated to our local seasonal weather but also possess the superiority and value that the Bushnell name and reputation carries.  Here, our grower will share with you, his own seasonal picks that you won't want to miss!


Evergreen Dogwood

Cornus capitata 'Mountain Moon' 

Cornus capitata 'Mountain Moon', Evergreen Dogwood
Cornus capitata 'Mountain Moon', Evergreen Dogwood

Cornus capitata 'Mountain Moon'

Evergreen Dogwood


A bushy small tree, nearly round to pyramidal in silhouette. It has lush evergreen leaves and produces clouds of cream colored to pale yellow blossoms in late spring and early summer. Strawberry sized red fruits form after the blooms in fall, attracting birds!


Habit: Moderate growth rate. Maturity at 20' -30' tall and wide, full sun to part shade, long blooming, attracts birds, average water.


Available at Bushnell's:

Cornus capitata 'Mountain Moon'

5 Gallon│$59.98

15 Gallon│$149.98








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