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From growing unique specimen conifers, large box trees to hundreds of various plant species, Bushnell Nursery offers locally grown plant and tree material that has not only acclimated to our local seasonal weather but also possess the superiority and value that the Bushnell name and reputation carries.  Here, our grower will share with you, his own seasonal picks that you won't want to miss!


Chinese Fringe Flower


Loropetalum 'Sizzling Pink'
Loropetalum 'Razzleberri'


Chinese Fringe Flower


Loropetalum are evergreen shrubs that provide year round landscape interest with their showy foliage and distinctive fringed flowers that repeat throughout the year. They are low maintenance and considered drought tolerant once established. Loropetalum can be used as screening and border plants, or they can be used as specimen plants in the garden for their striking multi-colored and contrasting foliage. These plants have a spreading form and many varieties can attain a 6' height and width or above.


Choose from our variety of Loropetalum at Bushnell's including: Fire Dance, Razzleberri, Rubrum (staked/pink flowers), Sizzling Pink.


Razzleberri has copper-burgundy foliage, maturing to olive green, and bears red-violet fringe flowers. 4'-6' Tall & Wide.


Sizzling Pink's new growth is deep burgundy maintaining the purple tinged foliage as it matures, and bears rich, pink fringe flowers. 4'-6' Tall & Wide.


Fire Dance has reddish-purple leaves and dark pink flowers. 3' - 6' Tall & Wide.





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